Well Begun is Half Done: CTS Class Three

In CTS week four, we had a No Google session, in which our course Librarian demonstrated the UAL database and how we could use it to do research for our projects or writings. The database has several tools available to us and can reach into the so-called “deep web”, a series of websites which have passwords and restrictions on access. These resources will lay a solid foundation for us as design students and will be vital for our research going forward, as they span a wide range of topics and design tools, from materials to statistics and trends.


  • Google cannot access everything
  • UAL library and Articles Plus
    • Go to the University website
      • Menu
      • Students
      • Library service
      • Library search
      • Bookmark it
    • Two options
      • Library catalogue
      • Articles Plus
    • Library catalogue
      • Will return search results
      • Record will tell you where the book is
        • College
        • Reference number
      • Reservations and Requests
        • You can place a reservation on a title
        • You can request that a book be brought from another college
      • EBooks
        • Click on the title, a link will appear to the book and the UAL login
        • You can keep a downloaded email for 5-7 days
        • Google cannot get to the point where you can access the actual text
      • Advanced search
        • Advanced searches allowed, like for the title and author of a book, or limiting to e-books and other specific types of things
      • Subject Guides
        • Give you topic-specific advice
      • A-Z list of databases to use

In Class Database Research

Image Databases

  1. Bridgeman Education
    1. Historical images
  2. Britannica Image Quest
    1. Photos
  3. Wellcome Images
    1. Downloadable
    2. Eustan Row has a Library on this
  4. New and Business Research Database
    1. Nexus UK
      1. Completely text
      2. Remember to look at different sources with different perspectives
    2. The Financial Times is a highly recommended resource
  5. Statistical Database
    1. Mintel Academic
      1. Contains both Qualitative (descriptions) and Quantitative (numbers) research and projections
      2. Market and statistical analysis
      3. Demographics and trends

Sound Resources

  1. British Library Sounds
    1. Pictures, easy to navigate
    2. Contexts
    3. A lot to do with oral history
    4. Long audioclips
  2. BUFVC – Archives and Footage
  3. UbUWEB
    1. Very much based on artists
    2. Very specific

On-Line Reference Sources

  1. Credo General Reference
    1. Versatile
    2. Mapping option connects you to more options for citations
    3. You are able to filter by article length
  2. AFI Catalogue
  3. Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels (Vol. 1)
  4. E-Lexicon
  5. Lurzer Archive

Material and Product Specific Databases

  1. Material ConneXion
    1. Very based on materials, location, and properties of those materials
  2. Material District
    1. Articles and branding are also included
  3. CSM Material and Production Collection
    1. Available at the CSM Library
    2. Talk to the librarian there and she will help you with the library of materials
    3. Many materials available, not textile-or-fabric-focused, like those at LCF

Streaming and Moving Image Databases

  1. BOB
    1. Access to entire TV database
  2. Screenonline
  3. Kanopy
    1. Similar to Netflix, but better
  4. Academic Video Online

Articles Plus

  1. UAL internal search engine
  2. Filters through the entire database
  3. There is a pie chart available which narrows down your search


Cover Image originally from https://www.freepik.com/blog/google-logo-geometrically-wrong/

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