The Principles of Structure

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The Symbol of the Phoenix

The symbol of the phoenix, or firebird, represents destruction and new creation. The legend states that when the bird dies, it explodes into flame and is reduced to nothing but ash, but from that ash, a new bird emerges.

I believe that this is a very apt symbol for the fifth principles lesson, which focuses on taking apart newspapers and recreating them in completely new ways. This is also a very cool parallel to the cycle of life; something must be destroyed for something else to rise in its place, and even destruction, fire, ice, can create a blank slate to re-imagine an entirely new kind of life.

I think we really need to start understanding the concept of remaking from the broken, from the slightly-off, both to reimagine what we already have and to strengthen our connection to objects and to the world around us, breaking away from modern throw-away consumerism.


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