Studio B: Polygon Mapping and Presentation Structure

In week two of our IGMD phase two work, we worked as a group to finalize the structure of the presentation and worked on the visual format of different slides. We now know some of the basic ideas we wish to pursue, and completed a polygonal map of the relationships between our objects. In regards to the actual presentation, we decided to expand the artistry of each of our slides to reflect a cross-disciplinary approach.

Over the course of this week, we have each agreed to write up our personal stories about the objects and the contextual review of another group member’s object.


  • Check the structure with Paul
  • Work out what we need to do for the CTS part
  • Work out time limits
  • Work out the basics of contextual
  • Work out the basics of personal
  • Work out the introduction

What We Achieved

  • Paul’s Feedback
    • Qualitative or quantitative
    • Primary or secondary
    • Make a prototype of the objective, contextual, and personal
    • How does critical evaluation play into making
      • Making, writing, reading
    • Ways of seeing
  • Contextual
    • Contextual will be a photogram and black on white
    • Checklist
      • Broader traditional/cultural context
      • What it means in the society where it’s from
        • e. Bangle has religious significance
      • What it means to the rest of the world
        • e. Bangle might just be a piece of cool jewelry
      • If the material has significance
      • Finding an example in another culture that has a similar concept in a different form
        • e. Bangle vs. Rosary
      • Referencing and secondary research
  • Personal
    • Personal will be full color in whatever medium we want
    • Checklist
      • Your perspective on what it means
  • Photography
    • We checked with the technicians in the photo area
    • Set a date on the ORB for copy stand
      • 29th of November
      • 12:30-1:30
    • Ellen and Karoline are going to darkroom
      • 21st November
  • Other Technical Areas
    • Ellen and Karoline booked Screen Printing part B
      • 22nd November

To Do For Next Week

  • CTS Basics
  • Time Limits
  • Introduction Ideas
  • Mock-ups for slides


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