The Ninety-Nine: Chapter Seven

In Chapter Seven of How to See the World, Mirzoeff explains the power of the people, and how our visual language can breed revolution across the world, echoing the worldwide modern call for proper representation by the people for the people. Mirzoeff brings up seven main points in this chapter:

1. Representation is key, both in the way we represent ourselves and the way others represent us.

2. Imagery is a powerful tool, especially when used to unite people in a common cause.

3. Cities are the hotbeds of revolution and reimagination.

4. Social media is key in linking the world and undercutting regime censorship.

5. Self expression allows us to define ourselves and our collective interests, and gives rise to vox populi, against the 1%.

6. Youth unemployment and climate change are major factors in sparking revolution.

7. Visual culture seeks to redefine the world through the past to the future, and helps us make sense of the world around us and how we can change them.


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