Visualism: Afterword

In the Afterword of How to See the World, Mirzoeff talks about visual activism and the way in which the visual world can lead to modern and progressive change. In this chapter, he focuses on seven main points:

1. Visual activism is the interaction of pixels and actions to make change (page 297)

2. Visual activism and visual thinking, from self representation to considering our representatives is now playing a key part in modern change.

3. Change can be achieved by artists using visual media to display a cause or highlight a truth or problem, even if an actual event was not caught by the media.

4. There has been a movement towards individualism and expression in the modern profit-based society, and finding creative ways to beyond that society is yet another form of visual activism.

5. Politically motivated art is a form of visual activism, redefining design and the world in which we live.

6. Visual activism is highly collaborative and crossdisciplinary, and, as is its goal, opens the conversation.

7. The point of learning how to see the world is then to learn how to change it.



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