Social Brand Intervention Notes

About this Unit:

Social Brand Intervention is about those three things. It is about taking a social problem or future benefit and creating a persona of emotion through design and branding, all to intervene in the lives of those who live or visit an area, and to involve them in your message for social good. This can be silly or serious, and above all, you must identify what people need.

Some Notes:

  • This is graded.
  • You’re not going to get it wrong
  • READ the unit brief, it has info that IS NOT on the project briefs
  • Two sets of outcomes
    • Two final projects
    • Two final visual summaries
      • 40 SLIDES PER
      • Imbed different digital media into the VS
      • PDF or EPUB
  • Questions
    • Six thinking hats
      • Who?
      • What?
      • Why
      • Where?
      • When?
      • How?
  • What are we branding and designing for?
    • It is dependent on the area
    • You determine this by following the working methods and determining what the area needs and how to do it
    • By analysis, discover need; this project is about what is up in that area, social or non-social
    • You are creating a brand and brand identity
  • Why location?
    • We take a variable of choice out
    • Hype observation
  • What three physical items need to be shown?
    • You decide what the outcomes are based on the need
  • Group or individual?
    • You can do this in groups
    • You can do this individually
  • Testing?
    • You do actually have to test the audience
    • Yeah. Make it and test it
    • Interview, video, and ask people how it made their lives better
  • Your Own Time
    • You work in tandem with studio
    • Goal: have a full idea and development by spring break
  • Audience
    • You determine audience
    • Very interesting, tourists and commuters
    • Your goal is to change, not necessarily to make better
  • Projects
    • Serious or silly, it doesn’t matter
    • Basically: Identify need
    • You are the medium for the want of the people
    • The Visual Summary is the evidence of your engagement with the process and the research you did
      • Primary, things you do yourself
      • Secondary,
  • Location
    • Absorb location and what you see and what exists there
    • Narrow down location so the project works
  • What is a logo and logotype?
    • Logo is graphic or written or both
    • A logotype is ONLY type

What is Social Brand Intervention?:

  • Social Brand Intervention
    • What is Social Design?
      • Design for positive social change
      • Design for social purpose
    • How does it work?
      • The application of design methodologies that innovate for complex human problems
      • It connects us all on a human level with a message for social good
      • Design changes the world
    • What is Branding?
      • A physical mark of ownership and identifying property
      • Came from cows being branded
      • Not very old at all
      • About tribes and a sense of belonging. Humans are social creatures
        • Deals with EMOTION
    • Branding today
      • A successful brand is a way of life
      • A unique promise that gets fulfilled every day
        • Look, style, battery life, etc.
      • A whole set of tangible and intangible assets, it’s not just the brand name
      • Branding gives a product, service, or organisation value
    • Brand values
      • Plants a set of beliefs into the minds of its audience
      • Beliefs through stories, mythology, status, propaganda, and experiences
      • Branding is a mindset
      • Reputation value
        • Stories of perceived quality
      • Relationship value
        • Stories that imply the brand is a partner in experiences
      • Experiential value
        • Stories that shape the experience of the brand
    • Branded environment
      • Extends the experience of a brand
      • It enhances the awareness of a brand in the minds of an audience
      • Apple and McDonald’s
      • Immersive experience to link an identity or an experience
    • Who do you design a social brand intervention for?
      • Your audience
      • You must know your audience and you must know it well
    • What does brand intervention do?
      • It affects social change
      • It addresses need through design
      • It makes the audience experience/involvement/participation/knowledge unforgettable
      • Amnesty international 2006
      • Squarespace angel marketing
      • WestJet
        • Branded with colour, but social and interactive

Our Class Schedule:

  • Schedule
    • Week One
      • De Bono
      • Briefing
      • Visit Location
    • Week Two
      • Practice Review
    • Week Three
      • Audience Workshop
    • Week Four
      • Concept Development
      • IDEO Design Methods
    • Week Five
      • One to one tutorials
      • Action Planning
    • Spring Break
      • Work
    • Week Six
      • Petcha Kucha
      • Two minute presentation
    • Week Seven
      • Seminars: Formative work Reviews
    • Week Eight
      • Review of concept testing
    • Week Nine
      • Tutorial week
    • Week Ten
      • Design Prototype
    • Week Eleven
      • Progress Tutorials
    • Week Twelve
      • Formative reviews
    • Week Thirteen
      • Hand in

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